Are we focusing on the right things?

This is an outcomes-based strategy, and has four key chapters, titled:

  1. Community-centred services
  2. Value and protect the data we collect and use on behalf of our community
  3. City planning, by design
  4. Strategic relationships
Do you think these are the right priority focus areas?
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Our vision is that Canberrans trust ACT Government to safeguard personal information and make decisions to reuse your information to deliver better services to you. We can achieve this by:

  • making it clear how the information we collect is protected and used
  • providing easier ways to manage your information
  • asking your permission to reuse or share your information to deliver better services to you
  • providing alternative options for people who choose not to have their personal information reused
  • being open and transparent about data we use for research, policy and analytics purposes
  • embedding a consistent 'privacy and security by design' approach
  • collaborating with the community to help make the best-balances choices around the ethical uses of data
Do you think the measures listed above strike the right balance?
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We are committed to a co-designed digital future; one that is designed with you, for you. Your insights will help to shape and design the change, not only about co-designed policy, but also about co-designing service delivery and city planning.

Do you believe co-design of policy, services and city planning would deliver the best outcome?
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The future

The Draft Strategy highlights several possible future initiatives, such as the Birth of a Child project, a digital model of Canberra, city labs and digital hubs.

Do you think initiatives such as these will lead to a more liveable, resilient and sustainable city?
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Strategy Direction

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