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Yerrabi Pond in Canberra’s north is a popular recreation spot for people to exercise, take their dog, sit and relax, play, skate and enjoy social events.

Yerrabi Pond opened in 1999 and has changed a lot since then with additions including playground facilities, more walking and cycling paths and a skateboard area. Most recently, a new nature play space was opened last year featuring a sandpit, balancing equipment and natural log and boulder steppers.

We recognise just how popular the recreation areas around Yerrabi Pond are and want the community to provide feedback on how they use the spaces and what future improvements they would like to see in the area.

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Consultation closes 4 June 2021.

We are looking at:

We are after feedback from the community to inform future improvements to Yerrabi Pond including its recreation areas. We would like people to think about changes that will enhance the function and character of the space.

Improvements that will be considered include improved paths, more facilities such as seating and bins, enhanced landscaping, and amenities to bring the community together such as access to power for social events.

We will use your views to:

Your feedback will be used to inform future improvements at Yerrabi Pond including its recreation areas.