Woden Projects

We're working on a number of projects across Woden from major infrastructure projects and road upgrades through to land releases and community spaces. Not all of these projects are open for community engagement, but you can find out more about each in the table below.

Projects Underway

Project What's it about? Where can I find out more?
Woden Bus Depot Work to recommission the Woden bus depot at Phillip is progressing. The new depot will improve the efficiency and reliability of the Transport Canberra bus service as buses can be garaged closer to the areas they service, creating less out of service running and a more responsive and flexible operation. Click here
Woden Community Centre The ACT Government is designing a multi-purpose community building to meet the growing needs of both not for profit and government service providers in Woden. Send an email
Stormwater and place making improvements in Mawson Design work will soon get underway to address previously identified flooding issues upstream of the Mawson Group Centre. Click here
Various private DAs A number of private developments are underway or proposed for the Woden region. Through the Development Assessment (DA) process, community have the opportunity to comment on proposed development as it moves through the assessment process. Click here
Land Release Program The Indicative Land Release Program aims to make sure enough land is released to the market to cater for Canberra’s growth and change as we build a compact, liveable and sustainable city. The program has indicated a number of sites in the Woden region for release throughout 2019-2020. Click here
Athllon Drive Corridor We are improving safety of the Athllon Drive corridor through several upgrades which include duplicating sections and consider proposed areas of development in the Woden Town Centre and Mawson Group Centre.

Click here
Centenary Hospital for Women and Children Expansion We have invested more than $50 million to expand the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children (CHWC). This is an exciting project that will ensure we are able to meet the growing health service demand from the Canberra community as our population continues to rapidly increase over coming years. Click here
Southside Community Step Up Step Down The new Southside Community Step Up Step Down (SCSUSD) mental health facility to be constructed in Gaunt Place is scheduled for completion in 2020. Construction work will commence shortly in Gaunt Place adjacent to the Canberra Hospital campus in Garran. Click here
Demolition of the former CIT Woden We are demolishing buildings on Block 17 Section 1 Phillip, which was most recently the site of the CIT Woden Campus. The demolition will reduce the risk of exposure to loose-fill friable asbestos and remediate the site to a stable condition. Click here

Projects Coming Up

Project What's it about? Where can I find out more?
Signalisation of the Launceston Street/ Irving Street intersection
The intersection of Launceston Street and Irving Street will be signalised to improve safety. Work is expected to commence in 2021 and be completed by mid-2022. Click here
Heysen Street LinkWe’re improving connectivity for walking and cycling between Weston Creek and Woden with a new path through the Oakey Hill Nature Reserve being investigated. Click here
Protected cycleway We’re creating more opportunities to get out of the car and jump on your bike in the Woden Town Centre. This includes constructing a 1.1 kilometre dedicated on-road cycleway in the Woden Town Centre. Click here
Furzer St. Phillip development
Block 2, Section 180

The existing development site on the corner of Melrose Drive and Corinna Street in Phillip is to be released in early 2020 for future development. Send an email

Projects Completed


What's it about?

Where can I find out more?

Woden Experiment

We re-energised the Woden Town Centre through the #WodenExperiment.

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