How to have YourSay

Across the ACT 25,000 trees will be planted by 2023 to enhance our urban forest and the Canberra community has been helping identify where they should go. Planting locations will focus on areas where there aren't many trees or where existing trees are ageing or dying.

Please use the interactive map below to tell us where you think a tree should be planted.

In Autumn 2020 we planted over 4,000 trees. Each year for the Spring and Autumn programs an audit of sites is undertaken prior to planting commencing to determine the suitability of sites for a new tree and, as part of the audit for the Autumn 2020 program, some of the sites identified by Canberrans were visited. The sites that were not visited will be rolled over to the Spring 2020 program. We will investigate all proposed locations and if deemed appropriate we will plant a tree in the identified location.

Please note that there may be a delay in plantings depending on the circumstances of the location and the availability of tree species.