Local Community Reference Group

Late 2019, we received a significant number of registrations to join the Local Community Reference Group (LCRG). This response reflects the significant interest the Garran community and local businesses have in the SPIRE Project. Due to the size of this response, a community forum was held on 4 February 2020 which was held prior to the first meeting of the LCRG.

The Local Community Forum provided an opportunity for attending to share their specific interests, concerns and aspirations associated with the SPIRE Project. Feedback has been documented and will be used to guide the Local Community Reference Group’s (LCRG) meetings going forward.

LCRG members will meet regularly throughout the year to address matters of interest of the local community with the SPIRE Project Team. They will be encouraged to share updates from these meetings with the people they are representing so information can be disseminated throughout the community.

Key discussion points will be shared at Forums and on YourSay. Please refer to the Terms of Reference and FAQs for more information.