In Progress

Key public roles currently under review:

  • Members of the Legislative Assembly (including the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, and other Ministers and Members of the Legislative Assembly holding particular offices);
  • the Head of Service, Directors-General and Executives of the ACT Public Service;
  • full-time Statutory Office Holders, including the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, the Auditor-General and Electoral Commissioner; and
  • any other positions that have been referred by the Chief Minister to the Tribunal for consideration.

About the Reviews

Twice a year the Remuneration Tribunal reviews the value of the work of key public roles.

Community input helps the Tribunal make sound and supported decisions as to the remuneration, entitlements and allowances of these key roles.

As an independent Tribunal, they look at the value of the work of public office holders in a number of ways:

  • the actual work of the role or entity and its impact on the ACT Community;
  • the role or entity’s scope of work, the extent of its advisory or decision-making powers and, where known, its budget;
  • what members would be responsible for/ what work they would do;
  • examples of this role or a similar role in other jurisdictions or industries; and
  • any recommended remuneration for the role and any comparative data or examples from other jurisdictions or industries that support any recommended changes.

This criteria can guide your written submission.

The Tribunal may also undertake additional reviews such as the current ACT Public Service Senior Executive Review.

Make a submission

Anyone can make a submission, including those directly affected by the outcome.

You can provide a submission via the online form, in writing via email or post to The Chair, ACT Remuneration Tribunal, PO Box 964, CIVIC SQUARE ACT 2608.

Your submission will be published on the Remuneration Tribunal website. You can request your submission to remain confidential, however please provide your reasoning.