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The YourSay component of the consultation has now closed.

The City Renewal Authority is charged with shaping the growth of the central parts of Canberra. We recognise that we all have a role in creating a city precinct that we can all enjoy.

Over 15 years, Canberrans have shared many views and ideas for how to enhance our city precinct. We have reviewed 23 previous consultation activities, which resulted in more than 32,000 pieces of community input. There were six common themes the community identified for the renewal of our city.

The six themes include:

  1. A city of people
  2. A creative city
  3. An active city
  4. A sustainable city
  5. A connected city
  6. A progressive city

We are starting to turn these ideas into actions and initiatives. Over the past four weeks we have asked the community to help that process by sharing their ideas.

Your views are being used to:

We are developing an action plan, guided by the six themes, to bring our collective vision for the city precinct to life.

Your views will help ensure that what we have heard over the past 15 years is still current and relevant. Your views will also ensure we have ideas we can take forward to develop the action plan.

We will then work with community groups, industry, representative organisations and other government agencies to identify, priorities and progress specific initiatives, programs and projects.

City of people

A city of people

Develop, renew and strengthen partnerships between community, industry and stakeholders to make the precinct full of places we can all use, enjoy and be proud of.

The city at night time


A creative city

Arts enrich people’s lives and play a major role in unifying communities, activating public spaces, promoting investment, boosting tourism and lifting economic activity.

How can we make our city precinct a more creative place?

Person walking past graffiti


An active city

Activate our precinct through best-practice place making that embraces a community focused approach.

How can we help create and support a more active city precinct?

People exercising at the new henry rolland park


A sustainable city

Support greenhouse gas emissions targets, promote innovative building and good urban design, nurture social connectedness and encourage a more equitable city.

People recycling


A connected city

Create a place to spend time and connect with others so it is easy and convenient to move around and encourages active travel. Shape the growth of Canberra to make it the premier place to connect us to each other.

How can we help contribute to a more socially, physically and digitally connected city precinct?

Person riding bike to work at henry rolland park


A progressive city

Collaborate with community, business and government to create a re-energised precinct that is sustainable, liveable and attractive. We will use new and emerging technologies to improve quality of life.

How can we help contribute to more progressive city?

Painting the rainbow roundabout