About the school

The Molonglo Valley’s new public school in Denman Prospect will provide the community with a state-of-the-art education facility focusing on 21st century education philosophies and offer both indoor and outdoor learning areas.

The school will include integrated learning environments for all students, a cafeteria/canteen, a general purpose double gymnasium with seating for 300 people, a sporting oval and hardcourts, a library/resource centre, out of school hours facilities, great outdoor learning and play areas, and secure bicycle parking and storage.

This new modern school facility will cater for 88 preschool and 600 primary school students when it opens for Term 1 2021, providing capacity for quality public education in this high-growth region. Stage 2 of the construction will provide high school accommodation for an additional 600 year 7-10 students, ready for the start of the 2023 school year.

For school and community use, a sporting oval suitable for soccer, rugby league and rugby union and featuring two cricket nets will be completed during stage 1. Additionally, the general-purpose double gymnasium will be suitable for roller derby training and competitions and include two full sized courts with line markings for basketball, futsal or indoor soccer, netball, volleyball and badminton.The school will have meeting rooms for a range of activities and gatherings.

Like all ACT public schools, the new school will deliver the Australian Curriculum, with specific facilities to enrich learning in the arts, music, and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) to ensure we are equipping students for the best possible future.

Explore the school map

Click on the dots below to get a closer look at the new school's features and when they will be finished.

For completion in mid 2021
For completion by Term 1, 2023
For completion by Term 1, 2021
Sports field
Bike storage
Hard courts
Gym and hall
Cricket nets
Preschool building
Preschool drop-off area
Hard courts
Environmental science / kitchen garden
Campus square
Main entrance
Outdoor learning area
Nature play
Primary play area
Primary kick about area
Preschool play area
Sand pit
Junior play area
Outdoor learning area
Covered outdoor learning area
Kitchen garden
Outdoor stage
Administration building - reception
Primary school drop-off entrance
Primary school drop-off exit

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