Consultation extended

Open til 31 March 2019

Thanks to the feedback you’ve provided through consultation on the Climate Change strategy, Planning strategy, light rail, and the new bus network, we already know the community supports a number of activities within the draft Moving Canberra Strategy.

Possible actions have been identified that will help us meet our vision of a transport network that provides a range of options for moving people around our growing city.

To have your say on the Moving Canberra: Integrated Transport Strategy, let us know what activities are important to you - this will help us decide what to do first. Tell us your priorities by dragging the boxes from the left column into the right column. You can add a minimum of three priorities to the list, or up to twelve. If you have any ideas that are not in this list, add them in the suggestion box at the bottom of the page so we can consider them.

  1. Investigate the potential to expand Car Share in the Territory #
  2. Develop a stop and interchange implementation plan to prioritise improvements at key stops and stations and identify strategic locations for expanding Park & Ride and Park & Pedal #
  3. Revise parking provision rates and implement on-street parking controls along all rapid public transport corridors #
  4. Investigate the potential for Canberra Train Station in Kingston to become a demonstration of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) that transforms the station into a mixed-use community space providing multi-modal transfer opportunities #
  5. Identify and seek to protect the land needed for future high-speed rail initiatives #
  6. Consider reducing unposted residential street speeds to 40km/h #
  7. Provide access to safe cycling skills training for all Canberrans using the road network #
  8. Pilot the use of low-speed environments in residential areas where footpaths are missing #
  9. Provide separate cycling and walking paths in busy areas and locations with greater potential for conflict, where feasible #
  10. Revitalise town centres by creating safe and attractive spaces and installing protected bike lanes #
  11. Contribute to and influence the development of the national freight and supply chain strategy to ensure it is on the path to zero emissions by 2045 #
  12. Undertake further on-road trials of autonomous vehicles in Canberra, including testing of an autonomous bus as part of the public transport network #
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