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Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for Rental Homes

Energy inefficient rental properties make for higher energy bills and cold homes and can have negative impacts on the comfort and health of renters.

The ACT Government has committed to the goal of introducing minimum energy efficiency standards for rental homes.

This goal can:

  • lower energy use (and costs) for renters
  • increase their comfort and provide health and well-being benefits
  • reduce carbon emissions.

How to have YourSay:

We are asking lessors (landlords) and tenants in the ACT to participate in a survey.

The options being considered are:

  • a minimum roof insulation standard
  • a minimum energy efficient heating standard
  • a ‘performance’ option, such as a minimum star rating, that gives lessors (landlords) a choice of upgrades to make

Your participation in this survey will help us to understand your views and assist in informing which option is chosen. The survey will take around 10 minutes to complete and there are no right or wrong answers – your own thoughts and opinions are important.

All responses will be treated in complete confidence. All data gathered from this survey will be presented in group form, so your particular responses will remain anonymous.

Protecting your privacy

All information collected is confidential. The ACT Government Your Say Privacy Policy explains the way we protect your personal information and provides advice on how you may access or correct your personal information held by us, or make complaint about the way we handle your personal information. You can find our full privacy policy at