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Major Projects Canberra is committed to progressing the delivery of ACT Government infrastructure projects and appropriately engaging with our community on those projects.

As a consequence of recent health advice, and so as to reduce risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic to members of our community and staff, Major Projects Canberra is postponing all in-person community engagement activities. This relates to all of our projects including Light Rail Stage 2A, SPIRE Project and the CIT-Woden project.

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Project Status: Closed

How you can have Your Say:

Thank you for participation in the conversations about Canberra’s Light Rail to date.

MMajor Projects Canberra (MPC) sought environmental approvals for the components that will form part of the extension of the Light Rail network from the City to Woden.

In July 2019, we submitted referrals for both the City to Commonwealth Park and Commonwealth Park to Woden components of the extension under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act). The Stage 2A referral was subsequently updated to include the raising of London Circuit as part of this project.

The Federal Department of the Environment and Energy (DoEE) sought views on the environmental and heritage impacts around the expansion of the light rail network. The EPBC Act provided for a public comment period of 10 business days (with no extensions). The public provided comment during the public consultation period for

  • City to Commonwealth Park (Stage 2A) between the 9th and 23rd of December 2019
  • Commonwealth Park to Woden (Stage 2B)

For more information about the DoEE’s public comment process, time frames and guidelines please go to

What we were looking at:

The ACT Government is working to extend the light rail network to Woden.

Major infrastructure projects like light rail undergo several assessment and approval processes before construction can begin.

Throughout 2019 and early 2020 we looked at the environmental and heritage impacts of the expansion of the light rail network to Woden. As part of our assessment, we will also undertake, the Commonwealth’s multi-step process for assessments, which includes:

  1. Our submission of an initial referral for each of the two components (the City to Commonwealth Park and Commonwealth Park to Woden) which were assessed by the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Energy. This assessment followed the process under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC) and determined what further impact assessments are needed to be undertaken before formal approval is sought.
  2. Now the referrals have been assessed, the ACT Government can start working with the community on the relevant environmental assessments (as required by the Commonwealth Minister for the Environment).
  3. After these extensive consultation and engagement processes, the ACT Government will then submit each environmental assessment to the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Energy for final approvals.

The preparation of environmental assessments, consultation and the seeking of final approvals will progress separately for the City to Commonwealth Park Project and Commonwealth Park to Woden Project.

Heritage and environmental approvals under the EPBC Act then clear the way for final project design work, which is then subject to a Works Approval by the National Capital Authority and, in the Parliamentary Zone, approval by Federal Parliament.

How your views were used:

The EPBC Referral assessment and approvals process is managed solely by the DoEE. A decision on whether a proposed action requires further impact assessment and approval was made and has been made publicly available on the DoEE website.

Following the ACT Government’s referral of stages 2A and 2B to the Commonwealth Department for Environment, the Federal Government has decided an environmental impact statement (EIS) will be required for Commonwealth Park to Woden (Stage 2B), with City to Commonwealth Park (Stage 2A) being assessed as a controlled action based on preliminary documentation.

If you require further information you can contact the Referrals Gateway on 02 6274 2496 or email

Ongoing Consultation

Community and stakeholder input directly received or informing the assessment of regulators helps shape the planning, design and construction of Light Rail.

As well as informing the Gungahlin to City alignment, you have helped the Light Rail expansion projects:

  • Select potential routes
  • Explore the best way through the complex approval process via a Commonwealth Inquiry
  • Identify future information needs for the community and businesses during design, construction and operation

Register your interest in the expansion of the light rail network to ensure we reach you with the right information and help you stay informed as the project progresses.