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Your light rail network is now under construction from Gungahlin to the City. Next stop Woden.

You can help build the Virtual Light Rail Tour from the City to Woden via City West, Parkes and Barton by:

This project will make a significant contribution to ensuring Canberra is one of the world's most liveable and competitive cities, connected through smart public transport. Canberra’s public will be able to easily access major educational institutions, retail and entertainment precincts and employment hubs on an integrated public transport network.

This map shows the seven locations where virtual reality views will be developed to create a virtual tour of the city to woden light rail route.

View B: Crossing the lake - Commonwealth Avenue

Experience standing on Commonwealth Avenue Bridge where the traffic flows, people walk and cycle and light rail vehicles pass by in the median.

​View C: Visitor viewpoint – Museum of Australian Democracy

See how heritage blends with modern travel bringing tourists to the Museum of Australian Democracy and the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

What is being looked at:

Many Canberrans work, live, study or play at the national institutions, Lake Burley Griffin or the employment, retail and residential centers along the preferred alignment.

To make it easier to imagine the future light rail network in the familiar and iconic areas of Canberra, we are building a Virtual Light Rail Tour from the City to Woden.

The Virtual Light Rail Tour will combine seven views:

A - City commuter - City West on London Circuirt

B - Crossing the lake – Commonwealth Avenue - available now

C - Visitor viewpoint – Museum of Australian Democracy and the Aboriginal Tent Embassy - available now

D - Parliamentary Zone commuter – Windsor Walk

E- A new urban landscape – Adelaide Avenue

F - Road and light rail – Yarra Glen

G - Better connected – Woden Interchange

Take a look at some of the soon to be virtual views and help build the Virtual Light Rail Tour by voting for the view you want to see next.

We will use your views to:

We will keep building the Virtual Light Rail Tour throughout 2018. Your vote will help determine the next view for release on the Virtual Light Rail Tour from City to Woden.

Canberra's population is projected to increase significantly over the next 20 years to over 500,000. As Canberra grows, city shaping projects like light rail helps to promote the ACT nationally and internationally as a great place to visit, live, invest and study.

Planning for Canberra's growth, reducing congestion and enhancing its liveability, requires a convenient, efficient and reliable public transport system that includes buses, light rail and active transport options such as cycling and walking.

Constructing and planning the light rail network is an ongoing conversation.

Together we have already chosen the preferred route for City to Woden (Conversation #1) and examined the planning approvals needed to pass through the Parliamentary Zone through a Commonwealth Inquiry (Conversation #2).

Soon stakeholders will be invited to provide feedback on design concepts for the various precincts along the preferred City to Woden route (Conversation # 3).

Importantly, we need the Commonwealth following the inquiry, to endorse the preferred route so that we can continue work with certainty on the business case and the route design. While engagement will be ongoing, we will have at least four (4) formal conversations with the community and stakeholders as we progress City to Woden light rail project from now to 2024.

Preferred Route

Route map city to woden

Approval Process

Approval process

The approvals process for City to Woden is similar to Gungahlin to the City, being subject to both ACT and National Capital Authority planning requirements.

There are however, additional requirements as a results of the Commonwealth Parliament Act 1974 and the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

These additional requirements, while adding to the complexity of the project approvals, are well established and rigorous processes, addressing planning, design and environmental implications.

Above is a simplified overview of the different processes that apply to the project and the relationship between them.

Feedback Map


City to Woden via City West, Parkes and Barton

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