Project status: Closed

How you had YourSay:

In late 2017, the community was invited to provide feedback on the Kambah Village Stage 2 upgrade.

Feedback was sought on who currently uses the playground and what would make it a more fun and enjoyable experience for children.

The design features of the extension of the central courtyard were also up to the community to decide and could include picnic settings, lighting and landscaping upgrades.

Over 300 people had their say to inform the final design of the upgrade works.

What we looked at:

Kambah is the largest suburb in Canberra and upgrades will improve Kambah Village to ensure it meets the community’s everyday shopping and recreational needs.

To inform the upgrades, we asked for your feedback in two stages.

In 2016, we wanted to know your construction options and feedback on the draft preliminary design for stage 1 improvements.

For stage 2, we wanted to know the community's ideas and feedback about keys features to be included in the new playground and recreation space.

Stage 1

In mid-2017 stage 1 improvements to the public realm were delivered at Kambah Village. These included:

  • better access into the central courtyard with wider compliant stairs and handrails
  • changes to the retaining walls in the central courtyard to open up the area for greater use
  • removal of the existing decking and repaving the area as a level courtyard for more outside dining
  • new furniture in the central courtyard
  • an improved pedestrian ramp and access towards the Chinese restaurant
  • upgraded landscape with new trees and garden beds.

Stage 2

In 2018 the next stage of improvements are being rolled and include:

  • new public toilet facilities
  • new and upgraded playground equipment including additional shade
  • additional car parking to the south east of the centre
  • new public community gathering space with new furnishings, trees and lawn
  • upgraded lights in the public realm
  • better pedestrian connections to the east via the bridge over the drainage swale
  • additional screening of the rubbish collection area between the Kambah Inn and courtyard
  • upgrade of pavements in the service area between the Kambah Inn and courtyard
  • improved safety treatments through the existing eastern car park.

The upgrades will be complemented by the proposed major private development of the shops and extension to Woolworths.

How we used your views:

Feedback informed the final sketch plans which detail around $2 million worth of upgrades to the existing playground, with new play equipment such as a basket swing, slides, a climbing frame and trampolines, as well as a new shade sail to cover high use play areas.

Upgrades to the public areas also include new irrigated grass areas which will form a shaded common green gathering space with new deciduous trees, gardens, a barbecue shelter and picnic settings.

Other improvements include new wheelchair compliant toilets, an additional nine car parks, a range of seating areas, new waste enclosures with artistic screen, upgrades to the pedestrian lighting and pavements.