Housing Choices

The Housing Choices team will be out in various locations across Canberra throughout January and February. Join us at a pop up stall to share your thoughts on improving Canberra’s housing needs. View times, dates and locations in the Key Dates panel on the right.

The Housing Choices Discussion Paper provides background to the ACT planning and housing policies, and offers an opportunity for you to contribute your ideas on interesting and innovative strategies to get better housing outcomes. The goal is to introduce more flexibility, better housing choices and encourage the kind of quality residential buildings that our community wants.

Alongside this discussion, we will talk to industry and the community on how Demonstration Housing projects could be used to showcase innovative housing design and delivery in Canberra. We are seeking to test future policy direction using real world projects, while also delivering more innovative, sustainable and affordable housing for the city.

Consultation closes 9 March 2018

Housing choices - what it means for you

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Written submissions can be emailed to Terrplan@act.gov.au by 9 March 2018


How do we improve housing choice?

The Canberra community has always shown considerable interest and involvement in the planning of our city. Housing policies have again come to the fore, with considerable interest in housing choice and affordability.

To date, and consistent with the 2012 ACT Planning Strategy, housing choices policy has focused on encouraging a more compact city by focusing a balance of urban infill and city expansion, urban intensification in town centres, group centres and along the major public transport routes.

It is recognised there also needs to be greater choice in existing residential areas, with a focus on areas close to existing services, facilities, workplaces, educational institutions and alternative transport options.

The Housing Choices Discussion Paper provides a dedicated forum for conversations on housing choice and diversity to continue. The discussion paper seeks the community’s views on housing choice and the expansion of residential options.

The challenge is to get the balance right between enabling development to meet the demand for choice, whilst also achieving urban design principles to protect and enhance existing character and amenity in the established suburbs. The ACT Government values your input and wants to hear your ideas. Your feedback will inform any proposed updates to government policies and our planning framework.

Demonstration Housing

What is Demonstration Housing?

The ACT Government is committed to the planning and delivery of housing that supports a vibrant, compact and sustainable city. It is important that Canberra as the nation’s capital, takes a national leadership role on housing design and delivery. Our city’s growth and demographic changes highlight the need to take a closer look at how our current housing strategy responds to those changes.

Demonstration Housing Precincts provide an opportunity to showcase innovative housing design and delivery in real world examples, including:

  • infill compact housing
  • small houses
  • co-housing
  • mixed-tenure
  • design-led
  • long-term rental housing.

In early 2018 the Government will seek innovative development proposals that target a number of demonstration areas, including:

  • environmental performance
  • innovative design
  • innovative delivery or tenure
  • affordability.

Proposals will be evaluated and assessed in accordance with all relevant Territory procurement and legislative requirements. Shortlisted proponents will be invited to submit a suggested site location and detailed design for their proposed development. The second stage of the Housing Choices community engagement, the collaboration hub, will play an important role in the assessment and selection of proposals. There will be a further opportunity for the community to get involved during the development assessment process for each site.