Project status: In Progress

How you had YourSay

The Pre-Development Application (DA) consultation has now closed. The Pre-DA consultation closed on Wednesday, 24 February after a 10 week consultation period and feedback received is now being worked through by the design team.

There will be another opportunity to provide feedback when the Development Application is made available at

We invited the community to provide comments on all elements of the proposed building design.

There were several ways for you to join the conversation. You could:

  • leave a comment on the draft plans
  • participate in a survey informing the design of the new public and green spaces at Canberra Hospital
  • Attend an information session or visit a pop up stall

For more information about the project and its background, explore the We are looking at section below.

We are looking at:

Canberra Hospital is expanding to include a new emergency, surgical and critical healthcare facility with more operating rooms, more treatment spaces and more intensive care beds.

We invite the community to provide comments on all elements of the proposed building design.

An information package of draft plans for the hospital is now available ahead of the formal development application and is open to public comment for 10 weeks, closing on Wednesday 24 February.

This package includes the following conceptual documentation for the community to provide feedback on:

  • A site plan (showing parking areas, access and egress, waste areas and communal open spaces)
  • A plain English statement explaining the proposal
  • Key design elements of the proposal
  • Indicative floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Shadow diagrams (demonstrating shadow impact)
  • Proposed materials and finishes
  • Perspective drawings and other visual images from a range of angles and scales
  • High level response to Territory Plan rules and criteria
  • Response against the relevant zone objectives

We will use your views to:

Feedback gathered during this period will help inform the formal development application for the delivery of the new emergency, surgical and critical healthcare building, due for lodgement in March 2021.

A post engagement ‘What We Heard’ report from the YourSay survey findings will be available to download in the YourSay document library.

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