Project status: In progress

How to have YourSay:

We are committed to protecting older Canberrans through a range of programs and initiatives to support our elderly community members. This commitment includes providing robust protections against abuse, harm and exploitation.

We have released a discussion paper to seek community views on how we can best address the issue of elder abuse in our community. The paper is asking you to consider whether a new offence provision for elder abuse could be an effective mechanism to combat abuse, and if so what kind of offence might be the most effective.

We are also asking you to consider providing the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) with additional powers. These could include:

  • remediation for misusing power of attorney privileges, and
  • the appointment and management of guardians.

The feedback form is now closed.

We are looking at:

The discussion paper on Elder Abuse seeks your views about:

  • the potential introduction of a criminal offence of elder abuse,
  • the potential strengthening of the ACAT’s powers to:
    • remedy the misuse of powers of attorney, and
    • appoint and manage guardians.

We will use your views to:

Your input will assist us to assess options and to raise issues for consideration.

We may then undertake targeted consultation with a range of government agencies, non‑government organisations, and other relevant parties.


Provide the community with answers to questions they may have about the engagement - update these FAQs if there have been questions from the engagement or there's a theme in community feedback that needs to be addressed