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How to have YourSay:

The ACT Government is committed to ensuring that people with disability are treated equally before the law and have equal access to justice and their rights upheld. We are seeking to understand what works well in Canberra and other places; what should work better and how we can make changes to our existing justice systems to ensure fair and equal access.

Community feedback

After reading the Easy English Discussion Guide, you can share feedback by:

  • taking the online survey on YourSay
  • providing feedback face-to-face by contacting us on 6207 1086 or
  • attending a community conversation on developing a disability justice strategy
  • writing a submission to:
    • Disability Justice Strategy, Office for Disability, ACT Community Services Directorate, GPO Box 158, Canberra ACT 2601

Justice and services sector feedback

After reading the Justice and Services Discussion Guide, you can participate by:

The strategy reflects the ACT Governments ongoing commitment to supporting the inclusion of people with disability in all spheres of life. The Disability Justice Strategy team are working with ACT justice agencies to enhance safety, provide support and achieve justice for the Canberra community.

We are looking at:

We want to understand how people with a disability can be better supported and have equal access to the protection of the law. We know that getting the right information and getting the right support can be hard for people with disability.

We want to know about your views and the experiences of people with disability with the justice system. This includes hearing your opinions about:

  • support for navigating the justice system;
  • making complaints;
  • understanding legal issues;
  • pursuing legal remedies; and
  • anything else you consider should be addressed.

Your voice is important because people with disability and their allies will have a range of experiences and views about the best strategies for ensuring that people with disability are treated equally before the law, have equal access to justice and their rights upheld.

Who can provide input:

All engagements are open to the whole Canberra community. We expect that this consultation process will be of particular interest to community members with disability who have experienced difficulty in relation to the justice system, as well as stakeholder groups working in legal, justice and social service areas.

We will use your views to:

Your feedback will be used to develop a Disability Justice Strategy for the ACT and will identify priority areas for reform to provide equal access to justice for people with disability.

Insights about the experiences of people with disability will help us to better understand the barriers to justice and to identify strategies to resolve them.

Community survey

The ACT Government needs your help. We want to hear your story so we can learn how to fix the types of problems you had. That way all people with disability can have a fair go in the justice system. Your participation is voluntary and anonymous.

This survey is open to everyone, but it is of a particular interest to community members with a disability who have been in the justice system. You may want help from a family member or carer to complete it.

I understand that this survey is voluntary and anonymous, and that I am free to stop at any time. I understand that I do not have to answer questions if I do not want to. Required
What is your age group? Required
What best describes your gender? Required
Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin? Required
Do you identify as a person with a disability? Required

You can tell us anything you want to share. We know that some of the difficulty people have is when they engage with courts or police, when they have issues with contracts and housing, as well as having support in making decisions.