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Help us to create a Place Design Brief for land release sites in the Belconnen Town Centre.

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Project Update: Phase 1 Engagement Outcomes

The Suburban Land Agency has recently completed the first phase of public and stakeholder engagement (Discover) and would like to thank everyone who contributed. You can read the full report and see at a glance what we heard from community at these links here:

Outcomes from the first phase of engagement are being used to inform the draft vision and themes for the second phase of engagement - the co-design of the Place Design Brief for the land release sites.

Specific engagement with Ngunnawal Traditional Owners and stakeholders is being undertaken with the assistance of a specialist consultant. SLA is committed to undertaking a meaningful engagement with the Ngunnawal Traditional Owners and stakeholders and will be guided by them to ensure their knowledge captures the unique social, spiritual, and historical connection to place as part of the engagement, land release and development process.

To see the Statement of Cultural Significance for Belconnen Town Centre, please click here:

As a result of the first stage of engagement, a draft vision statement - a 'Place Proposition' - and four draft place themes for the renewal precincts have emerged with the aim of co-designing further specific place objectives and opportunities for the precincts with the community so they can guide future development.

Draft Place Proposition

“Redevelopment of the land release sites in the Belconnen Town Centre will reactivate and humanise the urban area with local experiences, moments of beauty, intimate and green places, opportunity for play and walkable connections.”

The following draft place themes support the realisation of the Place Proposition. They describe what place character needs to be preserved or enhanced as part of the development of the land release sites in the Belconnen Town Centre to achieve the place proposition.

Draft Place Themes

Theme 1

A fine-grained network of walkable connections throughout, around and between the land release sites.

Theme 2

A network of green and lively open spaces.

Theme 3

Develop the land release sites in such a way that they give people more reasons to visit and live in Belconnen.

Theme 4

Feel like a local.

We want to know what you think

We want to know your feedback on the draft place proposition, place themes and if there is anything missing, which should be included.

We also want to hear your stories about, and future aspirations for, the land release sites.

To give us your thoughts on both of these you can attend one of our workshops - online or in-person - or you can take the online survey. The online survey closes midnight Monday 15 March 2021. Please note the survey open period has been extended.

We will use your views to:

Your views will help us create a Place Design Brief for the Belconnen Town Centre Land Release Sites.