Submitting your views

Points to consider

In providing your input, your suggestions should consider the objective of balancing spending against the identification of responsible savings and/or revenue generation. The questions below are aimed at guiding you through this process.

Please consider these points :

  • What services do you believe are most important for the Territory?
  • How can the ACT Government deliver current services more efficiently and productively?
  • Are there particular services that you consider the ACT Government should stop delivering or perhaps should deliver in a different way?
  • Are there any new ways to generate revenue and/or services you consider that the community should make a direct contribution to (a fee for service)?
  • What are your views on the ACT Government’s taxation reforms, noting that its main objective is to replace inefficient taxes (such as conveyances and insurance premiums) with an efficient land-based tax?
  • Is there any infrastructure that the ACT Government should consider initiating in the next four years?

Please Note:

  • You are also welcome to lodge a separate submission after completing the required fields of the survey. Once your input has been submitted, you will receive an email address that you can forward your submission to.
  • This ACT Budget Consultation is an opportunity to provide your views about revenue and expenditure priorities. It is not a process for organisations to request funding assistance.

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Is this feedback confidential? Required

Please check this box to reflect whether your feedback is to be treated as Confidential. Copies of Confidential feedback will only be provided under limited distribution arrangements to relevant ACT Directorate(s) and to relevant ACT Government Ministers. Confidential feedback will not be made publicly available and will not appear on the Budget Consultation Website. If you want to provide both confidential and non-confidential feedback you will need to complete two separate surveys.